Does your solution make someone faster, stronger, better? does it physically or mentally help them pass the day? will it help them save, make, or invest money?

Whatever your offering is, how valuable it truly is will depend on what your audience will decide.

…and how many will flock to it will be decided by whether it is a nice-to-have or a must-have.

Back in the day, having a camera on your phone was nice to have, but it became a must…then a front camera was nice to have, which later became a must, and then quality, flash, zoom, and so on.

Heck, having a smartphone itself wasn’t always a must, and these days it’s more of a requirement than [add your own].

So why is the difference between the two so important?

While you may know who your prospective audience is, ask yourself whether they must have your product, or if your solution is just a nice addition.

This will help refine your positioning, fine-tune your message and target audience (within your market), better empathize with them, as well as decide which features they won’t be able to live without, and which can be delayed…helping your actual offering go out faster, stronger, and better.