It is super exciting when you get your message just right, when the copy resonates with your ideal audience, and you even get positive feedback on how it was effective. 

…yet things constantly change. 

As your product develops, your solution expands, and your startup grows, the audience may change or adapt requiring your whole value proposition to pivot. This could mean new features and benefits, different industries or verticals, and even your specific user may change.

It is possible that your solution was aimed at the individual developer and after generating feedback and usage it was adapted to the dev team leader. That may last for some time and thanks to their own use and comments, you may pivot again to their higher-ups such as VP R&D, CTO, or another exec. 

Such pivots can be due to many reasons that aren’t necessarily part of product usage but leveling up your sales efforts, increasing sales expectations, or scaling your startup. 

Whatever the reason, it means you’re constantly checking the effectiveness of your message and whether it still clearly explains WTF your startup really does.

Just remember, this isn’t a bad thing, and the process is still the same of figuring out who you’re really talking to, and sometimes all it takes is to switch things around and say them differently.

Embrace this need for a messaging and copy pivot, it simply means something has changed and you’re adapting to better serve your ideal audience. And getting your message right (again) will only end up saving you time, money, and effort