Do you prefer being smiled at or frowned upon?

It’s a leading question, cause we all prefer a smile over a frown, or a grimace, or a sour face looking at us when we go into a store or provide service or giving someone directions on the street.

A smile can make all the difference between a positive or negative reaction; it can be the happier ice-breaker that makes us feel warm inside; it can be the reason someone says yes, or agrees, or buys a product or solution.

And it is really such a powerful tool that is so simple to use and easy to understand.

The thing is, we often forget to use it when someone else is not around, yet it can still make such a positive contribution.

When we’re writing that email to a client or a colleague, if we smile while at we’ll see the email comes out much more positive, optimistic, and happy; when chatting on the phone, or texting a friend, or even reading a book, should we choose to smile while at it…the result will be much warmer and likely bring about a better outcome.

This is not to say a smile is needed at every single interaction of our lives, but when it is utilized and fits the situation, it can make the difference between day and night and be a lot of fun.

Try it…smile to the host in the restaurant, the postman in your neighborhood, the grocery store clerk, or anyone else you’re running into…you likely will be smiled back at, and not spit upon. Who knows, you may come to realize it is one of your unique superpowers 😉