What Have You Done for Me Lately

– Eddie Murphy, Raw

Are you truly helping your audience or just spewing out empty promises?

Just tell me…really…What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

This is an easy ask to see if you can quickly list down the ways you’re helping your user out or just…saying you are.

You’re making this product much faster…what’s in it for me? Is this extra speed a must-have or nice-to-have?

Oh, it also integrates with this and that…WIIFM? is it something I asked for or will it make me get more done or live a happier life?

Wow, you’re also providing a dark theme for devs…What’s In It For Them? Will it ease their pain and calm their eyes after staring for hours at a screen, or is it just a gimmick?

If you can honestly answer WIIFM with a true benefit, that is wonderful…but do your users see the pains being alleviated and the benefits gained, or is it part of a list of features they could care less about without any tangible value?

Now an apparent secret…we go through this all the time when we make purchase decisions. We may not ask ourselves WIIFM out loud, but we’re hoping to quickly and easily understand the end gain.

If the gain is truly easily found, then it makes our decisions much easier and quicker to arrive at.

Does your value proposition, message, and copy easily illustrate to your audience What’s In It For Them, what makes you different than alternatives, and why they should go for YOU?