Not every task that we come across is fun, exciting, intriguing, personality-building, or inspiring.

…but checking off those mundane, tedious, or boring tasks…

that IS fun!

We could complain about those various tasks we hate, or we can have fun with those marketing headaches.

We could worry about a few mistakes we’ve had, or we could accept them, move on, and learn from them.

We could reject various suggestions, ideas, and recommendations in hopes we solve the problem on our own, or we can understand that great ideas and copy can come from anywhere and anyone and appreciate the team effort.

In short, there are many opportunities to hate what we do, to avoid one task or another, and to get depressed and down on a daily basis.

Or we could look from another angle, let go, and focus instead on the things that could possibly be fun about it:

  • Working with a certain colleague
  • Researching into areas we weren’t aware before
  • Learning a new skill or product or whatever

Or maybe checking off this task, so we could move on to the next.

Now that would be fun, wouldn’t it?