You can’t deny the force (No, you can’t) | You can’t deny the force (Irresistible force)

– Irresistible Force by 2 Skinnee J’s

No matter how many applications, books, seminars, videos, to-do lists, and other how-to promises we use to help us stay focused on the task at hand, we end up getting distracted.

We try so hard to maintain focus, keep our head straight, and complete what we’ve got in front of us…but we’re constantly distracted.

Heck, as we come up with one idea, another one comes up to take its place; as we write one post, we’re already thinking of another; or as we start working on any task, we’re already breaking down the next task in our head.

It’s a constant battle we all go through.

Now let’s not go blaming our kids, or our phones, or social media, cause while these may assist, I think we’re actually looking for some sort of distraction and those are simply helpful means. So we could say we wouldn’t be distracted if those weren’t in place, but we would end up finding another excuse or method to pull us away from what we were supposed to be doing.

Is there a solution or a remedy?

The short answer in my opinion is No 🙂

If you went through the seminars and all, you may believe there is some sort of answer, yet our minds are very sneaky, and they always find other ways to get us distracted no matter how hard we try.

Of course, meditation helps you practice focus and mindfulness and reduce distractions, and it does have its benefits no doubt. Yet what has worked for me is to accept I will be constantly distracted but try prolonging the time between each distraction.

I cannot just focus without being distracted for ten minutes or half an hour or an entire meeting, but I can recalibrate and extend the time I am focused between each time my mind tries to pull me away.

The end result is improving the balance between focus and distraction, so I end up with more focus and less distraction from the entire pie.