of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

– definition

Your amazing technology, and innovation, and ideation, and disruption, and so-called greatness mean nothing to me if I have no idea what’s in it for me or what it even means.

How will your product or solution be of practical use to me? Why would your offering be useful in my everyday life, be it work or personal or both? How would I start using it and find it is helping me progress or get things done or whatever throughout the day?

It is more than saying what isn’t working, or why we need to solve a certain issue, or what it isn’t, but coming up with solutions that actually move the goalpost, help its audience progress positively, and actually get things done that need to get done.

I am very impressed that you’re doing this or that, but is it something the world actually needed? are you solving a real issue or offering something that is only nice to have?

Getting things done is awesome, but if those things getting done aren’t my priority, or aren’t what will help me or my team or my organization progress and grow, then what’s the point?

We can come up with stunning ideas, build them, execute, and deliver a gain for a pain they solve, but sometimes that pain isn’t really there, and we create the pain to better sell our idea. In such cases, we’re not being practical, but we’re rationalizing our reasoning to sell, and not solve.

…and that’s being practical, and you need to get practical.