You’ve had an extraordinary idea, it’s amazing, it’s one for the Pantheon, and it could really help growth, but you’re stuck and are unsure how to make it a reality – such are marketing headaches 🙂

But guess what? You’re not alone, you never are, and you have so many people around that would be glad to help take it to the next level.

Sometimes we come up with great ideas yet keep them to ourselves until we’re certain we know how to bring them to fruition. Unfortunately, many such ideas remain keepers, since we’re stuck, and we don’t let others take part.

Such an unfortunate ending for such an amazing idea. Don’t you agree?

This is the time we need to let go to grow by letting go of our ego and sharing with our surrounding teammates; involving our peers, keeping the various stakeholders part of the process, and planting those seeds in hopes of making an amazing idea grow into something extraordinary. Heck, sometimes listening to what our users say or think will help us see our ideas in a different light.

Of course, you need to realize what you actually want to achieve; would you like to have a list of amazing and unfulfilled ideas, or would you rather nurture such ideas to achieve a higher, common, and more important goal of growth…for you, your team, your startup, and beyond?

There is an immense power with others, one that is within your reach, yet could be left unutilized. The power of discussion, of brainstorming, of problem-solving, of adding, subtracting, changing, transforming, and taking one thing and making it into another that is useful, positive, and will assist in reaching your goals, and targets, and those pesky KPIs.

So share your ideas with others, for you could be missing out on such progress, growth, and innovation that it would simply be a pity.