Ambidextrous: able to use both hands skillfully

Speaking high and mighty, using some high-level words, and showing off your knowledge and complexity may make you feel smarter or more intelligent or powerful, but it won’t attract your audience or make it easier to understand WTF your startup actually does.

In school, we were taught different vocabulary words, their spellings, their definitions, and how to use them properly in a sentence, and looking back it feels it hasn’t necessarily contributed to achieving bigger and greater things.

True, I was able to remember a specific word and use it as an opening in a post, but besides that…I managed with regular day-to-day laymen terms since.

Knowing or using such vocabulary words may differentiate you in usage, but it also ends up with fewer people understanding what it even means. For example, I wouldn’t use ambidextrous in a sentence when running into someone at a supermarket, so why would I use such words on my website, my ads, or my explanation of the product or solution?

If fewer people will understand a specific word, how do you expect to lure in mass audiences in the first place, let alone for visitors to easily understand What’s In It For Them?

You should be talking to them like the real people they are, so the message and copy are simple, quick, and easily understood…and they are able to explain it forward it others, should the need arise (you never know who we’ll run into).

To sum up, when pitching and talking to your audiences, don’t go for impressive and difficult vocabulary, rather talk to them using simple and clearly understood terms, so they hear and understand you the first time.