Can our value, our greatness, and our offering be simple and quick enough to understand, so it may be explained forward without us?

Imagine how advantageous it is to be able to pitch your product or solution to one person, and they, in turn, can explain it forward to their superior, decision-maker, or team members in order to get their approval. Heck, what if you run your elevator speech to a complete stranger, and it’s clear enough they go ahead and run it by their spouse, their neighbor, or their best friend who may be an ideal user within your target audience.

The thing is, we don’t know who we will run into or how they will be doing once we do, so we need to be ready with different types of messages to convey our value clearly to who would listen…simply, clearly, and quickly.

No, they won’t be able to run your pitch word-for-word nor will they have in-depth knowledge of your business, but if they can easily explain what pain you’re alleviating and WIIFM, then I’d like to get more info, visit your website, or go searching to find out more.

It’s like designating an evangelist (and more) to help sell you to others, giving them the power to pitch, recruit, and highlight your values to someone you haven’t even met.

Nothing like word-of-mouth referrals, don’t you think?