Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, ans start all over again

– Frank Sinatra

So you made a mistake, so what?! We all make mistakes – your problems aren’t unique.

Was it due to an error in judgment, an accident you didn’t expect, or perhaps it was something you overlooked or even an uneducated decision you keep beating yourself up about…

It happens – you can’t plan everything.

If we’re doing our job, then we’re continually trying to rise to new standards and will obviously experiment here and there to try new things, find new directions, get better answers and feedback to improve with.

So we can’t expect everything to be fine and dandy, always working without a hitch and with no issues.

But since we’re aware that we can’t avoid mistakes, and we know any crisis won’t be the last, so at least we can fail fast to go ahead and run things consistently, and should a mistake occur…we learn from it, adjust, adapt, update, and fix…or conclude and walk away (should it be appropriate).

Expect those mistakes to happen, often, and arrive from all directions. You can learn from them, you can minimize them with preparation, appropriate attention, and mitigation, but you can never avoid them completely.

Just…don’t dwell on your mistakes.