Whether personally or per your team, you want to run things regularly yet make sure there are ongoing improvements…even if your latest campaign didn’t turn out as planned, or the results weren’t as positive as you’d hoped (or positive at all).

You want to look back and see that you’ve gotten better and that you’re constantly making progress to become better [fill in the blank].

Now we can expect things not to run according to plan, and we can expect to fail among our wins – that is a given, but that doesn’t mean we can’t constantly learn from both wins and failures, improve how we view them, what to take out, and how we accept and approach moving forward.

This is a constant battle, but without realizing it, as long as you accept things as they come (both failures and wins) and strive to improve, you’re learning and setting new standards continuously.

You’re assessing your situation, seeing what is the expected standard in terms of deliverables, knowledge, results, and set that as your base to build upon. As you progress and improve, you achieve that baseline and elevate it to a new standard…and a new baseline.

…and then you will be looking back and seeing the journey you’ve made, the hill you’ve passed, and the mountain you climbed.

It’s amazing, cause you’ve grown and matured, and have risen to a new standard.

…and now there is a new standard to rise to.