There comes a time (many times and often) when you will have more than a few ideas, directions, activities, and more that you need to run, and you simply don’t know which to go for.

Should you do X, or should you begin with Y, what about taking X and doing it this way, or looking at Y in this angle, or that, or both, or…


Choices and choices – so are those fun marketing headaches 🙂

Since we don’t know what will hit, we need to get in there, experiment, and get the details, data, feedback to understand how we can get better. We need to get things going, adopt a sense of urgency, and fail fast to understand whether we need to spend additional time, or budget, or resources in a certain direction or scrap it altogether and go for another.

Without actually running those activities and experimenting on your ideas, you’re just planning but remain in the dark on whether these directions will bring you closer to what you actually want to achieve.

Besides that, experiments can be a lot of fun, quick to run, and will be very helpful in providing you with so much more info, so you can make much more educated decisions…even if they end up duds.

So get in there, get your hands dirty, have a bit of fun, and get the data you seek…and on to the next experiment.