Eureka! I’ve got it.

– Archimedes

Finding that hidden gem is so worth it!

When having that brainstorming session with your colleagues, thinking while on the toilet or in the shower, walking around the room and speaking to yourself out loud…you’re looking for something, searching for a clue, an answer, a solution…

…hoping to find that hidden gem.

You want to decipher that copy, figure out that tag line or smart remark, clarify the pain, simplify the message, to answer that question in your mind.

Sometimes you will reach it in a few seconds, or minutes, or hours, and sometimes it may take days or weeks, or you won’t necessarily solve it…or won’t do so completely.

But that journey and passage you go through every single time are excruciating; it is a new challenge that is your focus, your mission, your hope, and it is imperative it is solved.

So you speak and consult with others, and you try chatting with your audiences or users, and you run manual tests with friends, coworkers, and founders, and…whoever gives you the time of day.

You’re checking how it sounds, asking what they understand, digging deeper in hopes for an answer, and you may just actually reach it.

…and if and when you do…

It is euphoric: you feel it, you see it, you know you hit the nail on the head, and it feels as if you’ve completed the stage and are just about to level up.

This painful process doesn’t get easier with time rather just more acceptable, and while we’re hoping to find a solution, the chance we may reach a Eureka moment…is so darn worth it.