Remember when you came up with that tagline and could easily tell me WIIFM?

Well, I did think you really hit it on the head with that one…

…but unfortunately, it didn’t, and you need to dig some more.

It happens!

Sometimes we come up with great copy, and we’re stoked, proud, and feel on top of the world; heck, we’ve passed one of the most crucial stages, which is to convey our value easily and efficiently…

…but it also happened that our audience doesn’t realize it as easily as we do.

It happens!

So we go back to the drawing board, research some more, and start digging, learning, listening, and asking more questions, so we could fine-tune our message, copy, and offering – working further to make it better.

Your audience will appreciate it, cause they will better understand it 🙂

How do we dig further?

Go back through your notes and see if you’ve missed anything or disregarded something that’s more important than you thought; revisit the co-founders and reignite areas that aren’t clear to gain a few more thoughts and directions to consider; listen to another podcast, read another article, watch another video, and keep digging until the message is clearer, cleaner, simpler, and better.

Yes, it happens, and it is OK…and much needed.

Heck, it is your value proposition we’re talking about; if it isn’t clear and straightforward, your audience doesn’t understand how much they need you.