Your value proposition will change here and there; sometimes it will change a little bit, and sometimes it will pivot, and sometimes your offering will turn into something completely different.

That’s alright; it’s expected, and we’re OK with embracing the pivot when it comes cause we know our message and copy won’t last forever.

The change doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong, but things simply change…

We’ve learned something new by talking to our users, which helped us understand which features are nice-to-have versus the ones that are a must. We realize that our value proposition is complex and isn’t clearly understood, and it could also be that the market or audience isn’t yet ready for what we have in store.

All such changes or adaptations are definitely frustrating, pausing our growth or process, and require us to look back again, and again, and again on what we’re doing and how we can improve and do it better.

But if we embrace such changes, knowing ahead of time that they will come no matter how good (or bad) things go, then our approach could be different knowing it is time to: fix, learn something new, and make things better.

So when it arrives, have fun with it, and understand you’re simply fine-tuning your message, making it slightly better, more focused, punchier, straightforward, simplifying it, and making your value proposition more apparent to your ideal audience.

That is ok, welcomed, and even encouraged.