Instead of listing down the many advantages of zero-budget marketing, we will look at one pro that goes a long way…


When you have a large budget to spend, you steer in the regular routes: ads, explainer videos, freelancers or marketplaces, templates, press releases, and more of the same ol’ thing.

But when you don’t have the budget, whoa…your thoughts can go in so many ways you weren’t even aware of. You recall old stories, ads, images, jokes, and things that creep into your mind without realization.

You try to come up with ways that would do the job in the most efficient way, or provide a few benefits and not just ‘making that explainer video asap’, and you may actually come up with an actual growth hack instead of duplicating something that was done before.

Having no budget gets your wheels moving, puts your back against the wall with a sense of urgency, and requires you to come up with ideas that may have previously been only keepers but if green-lighted, require you to get started quickly and improve from there.

Instead of relying on other professionals to get the job done for you by throwing money at them, you think hard, collaborate with colleagues, open your eyes wider and try to solve a need with your imagination.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a huge ‘Hollywood-like’ production value, but it could mean finding the best (and most inexpensive way) to utilize the budget you already have to achieve what you’re aiming for.

This process can become difficult, tiring, and stressful, but as you progress it is also a ton of fun…just try to keep it alive once you do raise those millions and end up always having money left over.