TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

We sometimes have personal tasks, sometimes team tasks, and sometimes we mix them both for a more encompassing project; we rarely work completely alone and usually have people helping, supporting, consulting, and pushing us forward in various ways and means.

Those same people that help you with creative brainstorming, planting an extraordinary seed that grows into a full-fledged concept and campaign – they’re part of the process and deserve your thanks.

Your teammates who are beside you, toiling for hours, days, weeks, or more responsible for their own tasks towards launching a bigger and common product – they’re part of your result.

The colleagues who listen, support, believe, and push you to greater achievements and are by you even when things don’t go as planned – they’re part of your success.

So your growth, your improvements, and your achievements, while attained as part of your own progress, are not just your own, but a team gain.

And so those same individuals and teams deserve credit where it’s due.

But besides being there for support or labor, giving credit shows you notice them; it shows you realize they are part of your achievements, shows you recognize their aid, and also provides them feedback that you respect and appreciate their assistance. In turn, besides lifting you up and rising to new standards, it also encourages them to continue doing so, cause they’re noticed, honored, and are important for you just as much as the common end gain.