A few years ago I was asked for an easy example of what product marketing is, so I shared the following: 

My kids love pizza.

Sometimes we eat out, sometimes we order delivery, and sometimes we end up cooking pizza at home. When making it at home, it can be extremely involved by making our own dough and sauce, and often we turn to shortcuts. 

The usual go-to shortcut is to avoid making the dough and use a pita instead, cutting it in half, filling it in, and cooking it in a toaster/grill until ready. 

It comes out great, and my kids love it, but sometimes I turn to product marketing to get them more excited about their pizza pita by simply slicing it into sticks instead of triangles. (See figures below)

All of a sudden they got the same pizza pita, the same recipe, the same flavor, but their meal was marketed differently and grants a completely different experience, and the audience just loves it 🙂 

Pizza Sticks = Pizza Pita + Product Marketing

We see many such examples of parents marketing their kids’ lunches differently by making bento lunchboxes, slicing their vegetables or fruit, and I am a pro at making pizza sticks.

Any product marketing meal ideas you use with your children?