Words, words, words

– Hamlet

If a person needs to read the manual over and over again just to use your product, then it may be extremely capable, but it is also extremely complicated. And in this day and age, your future users definitely wish you don’t make them read so much 🙂

How do you expect your users to easily understand what’s in it for them if it’s so complex? how would you expect them to spread the word if it’s so difficult to explain? Heck, even if they’ve converted, will they be able to use your product or solution on their own, or does that also require constant handholding?

Yes, we have explainer videos, and some solutions need onboarding to cover all the bells and whistles, yet less means more.

Your potential users should understand your value quickly, easily browse through your site and assets for more info, and be able to navigate through your actual product without having to turn to a manual or require a personal tour guide. They should be able to want to return and reuse it for its simplicity, intuitiveness, and clear understanding of what it does for them and why that is so great.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is crucial. The more you simplify, the easier you can multiply your efforts, with users recommending you, pitching your value to others, and simply put…becoming your evangelists on usability, on value, and on the overall return on investment…time, money, effort, whatever.

This is regarding your message, your assets, your website, your products, and whatever else you’re offering your audience. In short, simply get to the point already and get practical.