Receiving criticism about something you’ve done, or haven’t done, or a mistake you made, or an item you’ve missed, or failed at, or whatever…

it just doesn’t feel great, does it?

Being told how we didn’t do as well as we hoped puts our errors front and center; it just proves without a doubt that we’re not where we wanted to be and that we haven’t achieved what we aimed for.

But while it doesn’t feel great receiving criticism, we need to move past mistakes and could find hidden gems in certain feedback, and we should actually hope and look for important criticism that specifies where we could improve and how we could get better.

It isn’t that we’ll wake up in the morning and hope someone would tell us how we didn’t hit the mark, but if we’re aware of the positive potential of appropriate criticism, we’re at least ready to look for important highlights when they do arrive.

Important criticism touches areas that do not only help you get better at your craft but can elevate you to new heights. It is of areas that don’t only touch a single item but can highlight an area you could upgrade which will enhance your output as a whole and help you raise your own standards.

Once we’re aware criticism will likely arrive and are ok with it, then we can be open for such feedback and can better realize what will level us up, and what is just fluff given from someone who wants to hear themselves talk.

And as we grow and mature and do improve, we can realize how important criticism is so golden, cause it actually helps us become better and helps us fine-tune ourselves. In other words, getting an inside look at the areas, items, and really step-by-step needs to get practical…

…it can’t get better than that.