Where does amazing content or great copy come from?

Well, while we may search current trends or check out what our competitors are writing, which are both great tactics, sometimes we need only look internally.

Our own team has their own ideas and can sometimes provide amazing insights that could evolve into amazing content that caters to your audience and who you’re really talking to.

If your audience is made of Devs, then your own dev team can come up with ideas and directions which would interest them, provide value, and fit within your subject matter.

If your audience is made of execs or professionals that don’t make up the majority of your team, then you can chat with your own actual users, as well as involve your peers and come up with amazing topics and ideas to dig deeper into.

Whatever process fits, you simply need to understand you are already sitting on your own content goldmine, but it will still require digging, effort, and fine-tuning, and even then you don’t know what will eventually hit.

So you do own a content goldmine, but you will still need to mine it for the gold.