This may be a given or may sound elementary, but you need those visits.

You need those visits before lead generation, or user acquisition, or even sales, and you need them in order to get some insight on what’s working and what isn’t.

Going from one user to two may be a huge percentage increase, but it doesn’t mean anything in letting you know what you did right or wrong. Now going from one-hundred to two-hundred, or one-thousand to two-thousand, or one-million to two-million…that’s a different story.

With a large number of visits, you can assess whether your activities, your ideas, and your material is actually doing the job it was intended for.

How would you know if your message is fine-tuned and resonates with your audience, so your visitors can easily understand what’s in it for them?

How would you know which feature is most valuable without talking to your users?

And since you’ve decided to get in there and experiment, how would you know if your idea was successful (or a complete dud)?

With a low number of visits, you’re not receiving sufficient information to optimize and get better – you’re just…doing…

You need the feedback, the response, and the results (good or bad) to understand what actually works.

So go get those visits!