I read the news today, oh boy | About a lucky man who made the grade | And though the news was rather sad | Well, I just had to laugh…

– A Day In The Life, The Beatles

Who’s attention are you trying to get?

Are you selling to the CEO, the CTO, the Developer, the Product Manager, the Marketer, the Webmaster, the HR Manager, the Designer, the Content Writer, the…

You may have listed the positions or personas neatly, realized your product solves their problem perfectly, but do you really know what they are going through?

Do you really know what a day in their life is truly like?

While I do not doubt you’re really hoping to make their job easier, or smoother, or faster, or more productive, or more efficient, or save them money…

…I do not think that is the only thing on their mind, or necessarily what they’re thinking about when you meet them.

Beyond pitching your value proposition and clearly defining their pains and gains, you need to dig into their day to find out their motivations and try walking in their shoes.

By empathizing with your users, you can better understand their process, their day-to-day, and beyond fine-tuning your message and copy, approaching them at the right moment, at the right location, and best pitch what it is you’re going to do for them.

It isn’t that you can’t help them, it is that they need to be open for it, welcome it, and it needs to fit contextually within their day.