In the startup world, there is never a dull moment. Wait, I take it back, there may be times with a boring task or project to attend, but there are never times where there aren’t things to do.

There are always new tasks, new action items, new goals to achieve, and new…you get the drift.

Of everything that comes up, some ideas are important right now and some are keepers, some tasks are critical for growth and some are just nice-to-have, and some things are neither but need to be attended as supporting tasks for everything else.

Oh, and there are also things you need to do which may not fall within your responsibility, but someone’s gotta do them…and it may as well be…you 🙂

Whatever it is that is within your daily, weekly, or overall task list, you need to adopt a sense of urgency and get things done…no doubt about it.

You figure out what you want to achieve and attend to it per priority. Since you don’t know what will actually hit, you need to get started quickly, launch, and assess results to not waste time and get things going…right now.

Without that sense of urgency your startup will be checking off tasks but miss extraordinary opportunities you may not have known existed. Trying things quickly, pushing in this way or that, delving deep here and there is part of the process.

And attending things as urgent matters (unless they’re completely not) will only reveal a whole new world of ideas, possibilities, growth directions, and also feedback to help you get better, bigger, and stronger…much faster.