You’d rather look good and lose than look bad and win

– Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson), White Men Can’t Jump

You have certain goals you’re aiming for, a new campaign to generate leads, a product launch to acquire users, or…whatever is on your constantly growing to-do list.

Would you prefer to be the mastermind of failure or a teammate to success?

Nothing guarantees your team effort will end up successful, nor that your lonesome effort will fail, but with the power of others you have a greater chance to achieve your aims.

Yes, working with others won’t stroke your ego as much as working on your own, and you may not have full control of the entire process, but you need to assess and prioritize what it is you actually want to achieve.

Since you have specific targets to hit or certain problems to solve or hope at figuring out how to effectively convey WTF your startup does, you need to realize you don’t have all the power, and even great copy can come from anywhere and anyone…not just from you.

To achieve better results, you will have to let go to grow and release your ego from the equation.

Your ego stands in the way of success and while having full control, and creativity, and ownership may make you the boss, you may also end up standing in place (or moving backward).

…and in that case, what’s the point?